The Book

From scientists to engineers to artists, we are all inherently creative, but early on in life we learn to stifle our creativity in order to 'fit in.' This causes much of the malaise and disconnection impacting our lives and our world. This book is a manifesto for unleashing your creativity in your life with fearlessness.


The Author

Dr. Morgan Giddings is an explorer at the nexus of Computer Science and Consciousness. A tenured professor at UNC Chapel Hill, she left in 2010, traveling West to redefine and re-create herself. She now consults with business and science heavies, teaches internationally and is the bestselling author of two books.

“One of the most important and provocative books I have read in years. A guide to how to live your life without being manipulated, scared or influenced by others. A cross between Stephen Hawking, Art Bell and Napoleon Hill. Highly recommended.”

Geoff Ronning founder of Stealth Seminar

“This is a home run in so many ways. Most don’t understand the difference between living life asleep in your shoes and being awake creating and changing lives! You covered it so well! Hopefully more readers will wake up and find their creativity and change the world!”

Robin Gerhart Entrepreneur Entrepreneur

“Dr. Morgan Giddings put her own brilliant mind and shared her wisdom and expertise on creativity. As an academic scientist, creativity with integrity is the core to pursue scientific excellence. I enjoy reading this book and agree with the center message of this book: “If you’re not creating, you’re dying.”

Dr. Gladys Ko Scientist, Texas A&M