Are you “creatively productive?”

Your creative output is the work that's going to get the biggest results for you in your work and life! Yet most of the “conventional wisdom” about productivity is totally wrong for “creative productivity,” because it’s based on the premise that you’re just cranking out widgets. You're not. Creativity is fickle. It is hard to pin down. If you push it too hard, it runs away.  Being creatively productive requires a completely different approach from the workaholic, always-at-the-desk, missing-sleep approach of modern life.

This quiz is designed to help you think about the ways in which you are killing your creative productivity.

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  Yes This Is Me! Sometimes True Yes and No - Depends Not often Definitely not
I get 8+ hours of sleep each night.
I am getting at least 64oz of water per day.
I take a break from my work whenever I feel my mind is starting to wander.
I have a routine or ritual I use to recharge and give my mind a rest.
I have scheduled focus and brainstorming time.