Does it seem like you're on a treadmill to nowhere, working hard but never really finding joy, balance, and success?

Discover The Surprising Shift That Allows You to Step Off And Into The Life You Desire

We’ve all been there. A place of discontentment, a place of overwhelm and overwork. It seems like no matter how much you try you life is always one step forward and two steps back. Are you are constantly struggling with:

  • Working 40+ hours a week and a never-ending “To Do” list
  • Feeling like your finances are never going to be under control
  • Not having enough energy to get everything done
  • Wondering if you will actually work yourself to death
  • Unsatisfying personal and business relationships because you don’t have the time or energy to spend cultivating them?
  • A feeling of "just going through the motions" at your job instead of loving what you are doing
  • Poor health and a lack of physical vibrancy

And it’s not just us! With so many people in a constant state of overwhelm and fear it has caused major issues in society:

  • Under-stimulated youth resulting in crime.
  • Radical divisions and lack of discourse between sections of society: the Left and the Right, the Atheists and the Fundamentalists
  • The tanking economy
  • Global warming, energy costs, and the attack on the environment
  • Cynicism, Fear, and Violence in the media and entertainment
  • Job security? Where?!

These problems can seem so overwhelming a solution seems impossible. But in her new book Create or Die: A Manifesto for Fearless Creators Everywhere, Dr. Morgan Giddings offers fresh insight on all of these problems and more.

You’ve been led away from your power to create your own life. From the education system to workplace structure we have been conditioned to be workers, not creative problem solvers.

Learn how implementing your own unique creativity in your life can eliminate the fear of failure and the constant struggle to get ahead. By busting the longstanding myths of society, Dr, Giddings gives honest and straightforward answers on how to actively create your own success - and have time to enjoy it!

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    To be at your best, you must be proactive rather than reactive. How do you get there?

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    The Flow of Creativity:

    Why care about creativity at all? Isn't life about being productive unless you're an artist? In this training I talk about the essence of Creativity and why it's important to pay attention to.

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    The Flow of Creativity:

    Why care about creativity at all? Isn't life about being productive unless you're an artist? In this training I talk about the essence of Creativity and why it's important to pay attention to.

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    Brand New: "How To Create Anything With Ease and Flow - From Projects to Books to Business to Money"

    In this ~30 minute training, I walk you through the 4-step process that I use myself to create a powerful vision for the future, and then implement it effectively. This is the same process I have taught my clients to use for obtaining funding, building businesses, creating better health, and more. AVAILABLE ONLY THROUGH THIS OFFER.

" I didn’t write this book for myself, I wrote it because I saw the tremendous success blocks of my many colleagues, friends, and clients. At first, these blocks seemed to be external - not enough time, undesirable working conditions, or lack of funds to get going on the projects they really wanted to do. But as we got to work on these blocks, we realized they were actually internal. Once we started peeling away layers of old beliefs about themselves and their work, the success really started to happen. It is because of these many successes that I decided to put some of these ideas into a book.

" You might still be stuck in reactive mode. You might think that there is no way you could possibly make your situation any better for yourself. You might think you are at the mercy of a boss, a review board, or of your current income. As much as we want to play the victim, I’m going to tell you something: your struggles are not unique. There is a whole group of people who have been in the same boat you have, who have thought there is no way out - and who have succeeded wildly just by changing internal factors. This book is about them, and it is about you.

" I hope you take some time to delve into these ideas. They've helped many before you transform their lives from an unsatisfying daily chore, to something they truly look forward to, each and every day. Two of their stories are detailed in the book. And these ideas WILL help you if you put them into practice. I look forwards to hearing YOUR story!" 

-  Dr. Morgan Giddings

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What Others Have Said ...

“One of the most important and provocative books I have read in years. A guide to how to live your life without being manipulated, scared or influenced by others. A cross between Stephen Hawking, Art Bell and Napoleon Hill. Highly recommended.”

Geoff Ronning founder of Stealth Seminar

“This is a home run in so many ways. Most don’t understand the difference between living life asleep in your shoes and being awake creating and changing lives! You covered it so well! Hopefully more readers will wake up and find their creativity and change the world!”

Robin Gerhart Entrepreneur Entrepreneur

“Dr. Morgan Giddings put her own brilliant mind and shared her wisdom and expertise on creativity. As an academic scientist, creativity with integrity is the core to pursue scientific excellence. I enjoy reading this book and agree with the center message of this book: “If you’re not creating, you’re dying.”

Dr. Gladys Ko Scientist, Texas A&M